AMP Survey Reveals Publisher Challenges

Posted by Lisa Mollura on Mar 8, 2017 9:14:23 AM

We recently reached out to our AMP enabled publishers to understand their overall AMP experience, what they found beneficial, and if they came across any specific pain points. We targeted our large and medium-sized publishers and focused on two categories: Traffic & Engagement and Ad Revenue. Here’s what we discovered.

Traffic & Engagement
Publishers are moving quickly to improve mobile experiences as mobile internet usage continues to grow. Approximately 41% of publishers surveyed have enabled AMP on the majority of their site pages, hoping to ease the pain of mobile latency. AMP implementation is such a priority that the majority of publishers are putting time and resources into optimizing AMP.

Although many publishers have enabled AMP on the majority of their site, half of those surveyed indicated that less that 25% of their site’s mobile search traffic is going to AMP. To add to this frustration, publishers have indicated that it’s challenging to measure AMP page performance.

Ad Revenue
Feedback related to ad revenue raised a number of issues publishers currently face. Monetization on the mobile web has not been an easy undertaking for most publishers and AMP is not without its issues. In terms of which AMP ad formats publishers surveyed use, all have enabled display ads and only a few have implemented AMP sticky or video formats.

Overall AMP performance was reported to have worse performance than standard mobile ads for half of the publishers surveyed. When we asked publishers how they source demand, we found that most publishers integrate with only 2-3 demand sources. With limited demand sources and ad formats, it’s no surprise that many publishers are experiencing lower CTRs and fill rates on AMP.

What’s Next?
While AMP has alleviated some of the frustration that publishers have felt with mobile latency, there are still many hurdles to overcome. Without proper analytics, publishers will continue to have a hard time modifying and optimizing pages for better performance. The biggest struggle publishers face is monetizing their AMP pages. Revenue opportunities will increase when publishers have access 2 major components: more demand sources and more AMP ad formats. Once publishers have access to both, they should see an increase in CTRs and fill.

33Across is addressing these publisher challenges with plans to release our AMP revenue products in the very near future. We are dedicated in helping our publishers earn more revenue and increase fill.

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Winter has officially arrived. The days are shorter and temperatures are low, but that doesn’t mean your fill rate has to be. Coming off of a profitable holiday season, we know that Q1 can be a challenging time for publishers to monetize. Rest assured there is a way to get through the season. Here are a few tips:

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Programmatic in-feed units now available on desktop

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