Last Week Today: The IABs Subscription Service, Artificial Intelligence, and Video Header Bidding

Posted by Erica Roane on May 14, 2018 5:54:00 PM

What was the buzz around the office last week? The IAB offers a subscription service to help advertisers with ads.txt, artificial intelligence still needs humans, and video header bidding takes off in JAPAC.

1. The IAB supports advertisers in an ads.txt world 


The IAB has launched a paid subscription service to support advertisers with ads.txt. The service will scan the 2.2 million domains that have uploaded ads.txt files and check for updates. Users who take advantage of the service will be able to download or access the data and plug directly into their automated ad-buying systems. Digiday explains how this service could be beneficial to publishers as well especially with GDPR taking effect in a few weeks.

2. Artificial Intelligence: Humans are safe... for now   


Artificial intelligence is changing the online advertising ecosystem. Many may be nervous about AI, assuming that it may eventually replace humans altogether. While that may be the case one day, MediaPost explains how we’re not being replaced any time soon. Among other things, humans will still need to manage the machine learning process including chat bots as well the entire creative strategy process.

3. Monetizing more video header bidding


Video header bidding is picking up in Japan and throughout Asia. Although the benefits of video header bidding are pretty know, there still may be publishers that are not taking full advantage of its monetization benefits. For instance, there are two implementation that be adopted; header bidding via a wrapper and video player bidding. The Drum breaks down both and explains how publishers in JAPAC can win with video header bidding.

Topics: publishers, monetization, header bidding