Last Week Today: Quality Assurance, Whitelisting, and GDPR Prep

Posted by Erica Roane on Oct 20, 2017 5:08:13 PM

pexels-photo-126590.jpegWhat was the buzz around the office last week? Quality assurance with blockchain technology, new concerns with whitelisting, and preparation steps for next year's GDPR.  

1. Bringing quality assurance to ad tech  


Blockchain technology has the potential revolutionize programmatic advertising. Blockchain technology could streamline the quality assurance process between advertisers and publishers. This could also minimize a lot of back and forth between trading desk, publishers, and brands. According to NASDAQ, blockchain-based verification systems are already in use and are on the rise.

2. The challenges of whitelisting    


Whitelisting has always been a powerful tool within programmatic. Allowing brands to choose where their ads show up, with so many controversial and political content, the practice has now become somewhat challenging for brands and publishers. MediaPost explains strategies for whitelisting in a world where brands that may not want to be associated with news of any kind.

3.  Facebook offers users a new button  


GDPR is just around the corner and it will likely affect the way you handle consumer data in Europe. Publishers with readers in Europe will need to ensure their compliant with the new privacy practices. This could include hiring someone whose job is to solely manage data. While the impact on cookies will be determined, AdExchanger explains how with GDPR preparation is key.

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