Last Week Today: CMOs and Programmatic, Video Header Bidding, and Facebook Buttons

Posted by Erica Roane on Oct 13, 2017 8:19:40 AM

pexels-photo-126590.jpegWhat was the buzz around the office last week? Facebook is offering more transparency and ad control, Apple is reducing their cookie window, and what it will take for programmatic tv to win.  

1. What CMOs think of programmatic  


Ad fraud has some CMOs skeptical about programmatic advertising. Instead, marketers are using platforms such as Facebook and Google over programmatic as they know where their dollars are going. Digiday explains how programmatic has it’s place in digital marketing however the technology alone cannot account for all branding and storytelling.

2. Winning with video header bidding   


Although video is the fastest-growing segment of ad spending, it’s not experiencing the same uplift as display. Publishers are looking to take advantage of video header bidding however there are consideration including supply scarcity and speed. As a workaround publishers and advertisers are going direct with their video advertising. According to Forbes video publishers will win once they step out of the ad tech waterfall.

3.  Facebook offers users a new button  


To save its reputation from all of the fake news controversy, Facebook will soon offer users information about the sources of news in their news feed. Via a small button marked “i,’ users can click on the button and additional information about that publisher will come up. Facebook will also prevent advertisers from editing any news or headlines, MediaPost explains more.

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