How publishers can monetize throughout Decision 2016

Posted by Erica Roane on Apr 22, 2016 2:29:39 PM


Have you seen our political digital advertising infographic? Publishers have an opportunity to really cash in this election year. With over $11.4 billion projected to be spent in political digital advertising, the monetization opportunities are endless. Here at 33Across, our team is beyond excited to assist you in profiting this season.

Don’t be exclusive
Review your traffic to ensure that your site has a variety of available ad sizes. The less exclusions, the better. The more options your site has to monetize, the  more bidding opportunities you will have.

Think cross-device
From mobile to desktop, your audience (aka candidates’ potential voters) are checking in from everywhere. Consider how your audience consumes content and ensure placements respond to whatever device they’re on, you’ll have better bid opportunities.

Geo-target ads
Don’t forget to think local. Aside from the big election, there are thousands of elections happening locally. This level of specificity combined with real-time-bidding makes election season great for programmatic publishers.  You can easily adjust your target audience at any time, if you aren't achieving your fill goals. 

Use outstream video
With video being the most profitable component of digital advertising, it should be a major part of your monetization strategy. Too busy to create your own pre-roll video? Capitalize by incorporating outstream video to your portfolio. 

Not already making money with us? Don’t wait until November. There’s no time like the present!

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