Last Week Today: The IABs Subscription Service, Artificial Intelligence, and Video Header Bidding

Posted by Erica Roane on May 14, 2018 5:54:00 PM

What was the buzz around the office last week? The IAB offers a subscription service to help advertisers with ads.txt, artificial intelligence still needs humans, and video header bidding takes off in JAPAC.

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Last Week Today: Header Bidding, First-Price Auctions, and Independent Agency Growth

Posted by Erica Roane on Dec 8, 2017 6:13:00 PM

What was the buzz around the office last week? The benefits and possibilities of header bidding, how first-price auctions work, and how independent agencies keep programmatic advertising going.  

1. What the future holds for header bidding  


Header bidding has revolutionized the way that programmatic advertising functions. Before the technology, only certain buyers had access to inventory while having no idea of what they were buying. With header bidding, transparency has been given within the ad tech ecosystem, allowing publishers to offer all of their inventory to buyers. eMarketer sat down with eBay’s director of product management to get his insights on the future of header bidding.

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Last Week Today: CMOs and Programmatic, Video Header Bidding, and Facebook Buttons

Posted by Erica Roane on Oct 13, 2017 8:19:40 AM

What was the buzz around the office last week? Facebook is offering more transparency and ad control, Apple is reducing their cookie window, and what it will take for programmatic tv to win.  

1. What CMOs think of programmatic  

Ad fraud has some CMOs skeptical about programmatic advertising. Instead, marketers are using platforms such as Facebook and Google over programmatic as they know where their dollars are going. Digiday explains how programmatic has it’s place in digital marketing however the technology alone cannot account for all branding and storytelling.

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Digiday Publishing Summit: Video, Viewability, and Ad Formats

Posted by Lauren Hollinger on Oct 4, 2017 4:31:24 PM

Despite Hurricane Irma passing through prior to the event, Digiday Publishing Summit Key Biscayne had an amazing turnout. Spirits were high amongst attendees as we came together as an industry to support Southern Florida and each other. Publishers, agencies, and brands openly discussed exciting advancements in ad formats, video, and creative ways journalists are enriching their content. Here a few of my takeaways.

Increasing Video Viewability
The focus of Digiday Key Biscayne was video. How publishers strategize their video content to target audiences across platforms was a hot topic. For instance, the same audience views video differently on Facebook than they do on Instagram or Snapchat. With so many users muting their video content, j ournalists are also finding creative ways of increasing viewability such as including phrases within video better ensures that content is absorbed. 

Header Bidding For Video
Panelists suggested that “player bidding” should be the term for video header bidding because with video, the impressions go through the player and not the header of the page. While a majority of publishers mentioned seeing a lift in revenue after implementing header bidding display that same yield does not always transfer directly to video.

New Ad Formats
Publishers have been exploring new ad units; in particular the Interscroller, a mobile web unit that is revealed underneath the mobile web page content as the user scrolls down the page. Driven by the Better Ads Coalition and the IAB, the unit offers a rich media experience without being intrusive.

Overall, Digiday Publishing Summit Key Biscayne served as a wake up call to ad tech. In order to increase competition and drive higher CPMs and yield, publishers want to do away with the "duopoly" that is Google and Facebook. Industry guidelines and rules are being distributed by Google and Facebook and commanding the way publishers do business. To have a fair ecosystem, we need publishers to band together and become solution-driven.
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Last Week Today: Verizon's Oath, The Top Header Bidders, and User Experience Challenges

Posted by Erica Roane on Sep 14, 2017 5:00:21 PM

What was the buzz around the office last week? Verizon's Oath business unit offers rewards, AppNexus and Index Exchange are at the top, and publishers find balance between user experience and ad units. 

1. Data and Rewards: Oath's big strategy  

Verizon will soon feed its consumer’s web-browsing data, app use, and location data to its recently created business unit Oath. Customer’s who opt into sharing their data will earn credits for concert tickets, movie premiers phone upgrades, and more. MediaPost explains how Verizon added 600,000 new subscribers and generated nearly $90 billion in revenue the past quarter.

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Last Week Today: Google Refunds, Whole Foods Deal, and Mobile Programmatic

Posted by Erica Roane on Aug 28, 2017 5:55:00 PM

What was the buzz around the office last week? Google issues refunds from fake ad traffic, the FTC tells Amazon and Whole Foods to move forward, and mobile programmatic's expected rise. 

1. Google refunds advertisers for fraudulent ad traffic  

As Google works towards offering marketers more transparency, they are issuing refunds for ads that  ran on websites with fake traffic. These ads were brought using Google’s DoubleClick Bid Manager. Google has also offered to reimburse its “platform fee,” which typically accounts for up to 10% of a total ad buying purchase. While this may seem like a honorable move by Google, The Wall Street Journal details how some advertising advertising are unsatisfied with the gesture.

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Last Week Today: Mobile Header Bidding, Facebook Unbundles, and Google Subscriptions

Posted by Erica Roane on Aug 21, 2017 4:28:36 PM

What was the buzz around the office last week? Mobile header bidding experiences 3-digit growth, Facebook offers new ad services, and Google explores subscription options with publishers. 

1. Mobile header bidding is on the rise  

Header bidding is seeing growth within mobile channels. According to a report published by PubMatic, mobile header bidding has grown 285% year-on-year Q2. The largest spike was seen among news publishers. The Drum breaks down the report including how the industry-wide focus on transparency and the use of PMPs is being credited for the rise.

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Friday Fives | Our COO David Jacobs on Header Bidding, The Duopoly, and More

Posted by Erica Roane on May 12, 2017 4:12:32 PM

Welcome to the first installment of The Friday Fives! Twice a month we will feature members of Team 33Across to discuss hot topics, industry trends, and a few interesting life facts. First up we have our Chief Operations Officer, David Jacobs. Below are his thoughts on the Duopololy, fake news, and more.

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Last Week Today: Programmatic TV, Free Viewability Tools, and DSP Survival

Posted by 33Across on May 1, 2017 12:52:13 PM

So, what was the buzz around the office last week? Google takes their talents to the silver screen, free measurement tools will soon be available to all, and the threat that header bidding is bringing to ad tech.

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Last Week Today: Yield Optimization, Ending Google 'Last Look' and Programmatic's Growth

Posted by Erica Roane on Apr 10, 2017 7:55:00 AM

What's the buzz around the office this week? Google ends its 'last look" feature, generating revenue for video, and being 'nice' to programmatic advertising. 
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