Last Week Today: Header Bidding, First-Price Auctions, and Independent Agency Growth

Posted by Erica Roane on Dec 8, 2017 6:13:00 PM

pexels-photo-325185.jpegWhat was the buzz around the office last week? The benefits and possibilities of header bidding, how first-price auctions work, and how independent agencies keep programmatic advertising going.  

1. What the future holds for header bidding  



Header bidding has revolutionized the way that programmatic advertising functions. Before the technology, only certain buyers had access to inventory while having no idea of what they were buying. With header bidding, transparency has been given within the ad tech ecosystem, allowing publishers to offer all of their inventory to buyers. eMarketer sat down with eBay’s director of product management to get his insights on the future of header bidding.

2. New possibilities with first-price auctions   


The first-price auction model is set to change programmatic advertising as we know. Creating more transparency within the ad tech ecosystem, ad exchanges and tech vendors will no longer be able to charge buyers hidden fees. First-price auction will also give advertisers more confidence and help publishers monetize more. The Drum explains how this model will revolutionize ad tech while also leveling out the playing field.

3.  How agencies keep programmatic going  


Programmatic may have an unsung hero and that is the independent agency. As adoption increases, agencies are the ones educating clients on the ins and outs of programmatic advertising. Now is the ideal opportunity for agencies to step up their game. AdExchanger explains how customer service, education, and innovation will be what keeps independent agencies ahead of the curve.

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