Last Week Today: Programmatic TV, Free Viewability Tools, and DSP Survival

Posted by 33Across on May 1, 2017 12:52:13 PM

urban garden.jpgSo, what was the buzz around the office last week? Google takes their talents to the silver screen, free measurement tools will soon be available to all, and the threat that header bidding is bringing to ad tech.

1. You can now buy TV ads with Google  

Google has taken their ad tech game to next level and they have brought programmatic along for the ride. Last week the company announced that advertisers can now buy TV ads via its DoubleClick Bid Manager.  Google is looking to capitalize from the 42% of television viewers who would actually rather watch their shows on a computer versus a traditional TV. Forbes explains how Google’s new ads tie right in with their new YouTube TV subscription service.

2. ComScore is feeling generous    

ComScore has recently changed the viewability and measurement game with their new offering. Starting in June, ComScore will make all of its viewability services free of charge. With so many benchmarks and metrics within the ad tech ecosystem, this has the ability to put the industry all on one accord. According to MediaPost this ‘gracious’ move by ComScore could simply be an effort to take business away from Nielsen. 

3.  Natural selection meets header bidding  

Header bidding is causing a strain on the ad tech infrastructure. DSPs are evaluating more impressions and it is now costing more to buy the same ads than it has cost in the past. The increase in costs is expected to hit the small to mid-sized DSPs and SSPs the hardest. AdExchanger explains how only the strongest and most adaptive DSPs will be able to survive now that header bidding is here to stay. 

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