Last Week Today: Programmatic Courses, Q1 Tips, and 2018 Predictions

Posted by Erica Roane on Feb 12, 2018 9:21:00 AM

What was the buzz around the office last week? Education courses on programmatic, tips to surviving programmatic in Q1, and what we can expect from ad tech in 2018.  

1. Programmatic education for all   

In an effort to deepen programmatic knowledge, the IAB is launching a training course to media professionals. Filling the education gap on the programmatic course offerings, this course is designed for media professionals at-large. With U.S. programmatic digital display ad spend expected to surpass $49 billion by 2019, this comes at no surprise.  MediaPost explains how the curriculum will focus on the history of programmatic, header bidding, and system processes. 

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Digiday Publishing Summit Europe: Pubs prepare for GDPR and more

Posted by Stefan Small on Nov 1, 2017 2:56:58 PM

The turnout was great at last week’s Digiday Publishing Summit in Berlin.  Ad tech and publishing executives came together to share the latest trends, wins, and pressing issues within the industry. After a number of meaningful conversations, I learned that we are all facing the same hurdles. With that, Digiday Publishing Summit was a great time to come together and discuss best practices and how to overcome them. Here are some of my key takeaways from the event:

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