33Across Water Cooler Recap [1/22/16]

Posted by Lisa Mollura on Jan 22, 2016 9:04:03 AM


So, what's got the 33Across office talking this week? 

1.  ANA/White Ops: Bot Fraud to Eat a $7.2 Billion Hole in Advertiser Budgets
ana-logo.png logo-whiteops.png

Just days before the IAB Leadership meeting, the ANA and Whiteops have released a follow up to their 2015 study. The slightly good news- fraud is inline to similiar forecasts. The no good very bad news, ad fraud is still a huge issue burning a hole in ad budgets despite industry talks to keep fraud at bay.

2. With Brave Software, JavaScript’s Creator Is Building A Browser For The Ad-Blocked Future


With the hope of creating a better user experience and to ward off a "war," JavaScript creator's new endeavor, Brave Software, is a new type of browser; one that gives users a clean browsing experience and good publishers a fair deal. Queue the ad blocking debates.

3.  How Four Publishers Are Messaging Ad-Blocking Users


Speaking of ad blockers, Ad Exchanger investigated how 4 publishers have created clever ways to get their audiences to unblock ads through different messaging tactics and experiences. 

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