Last Week Today: New Viewability Standards, Self-Service Models, and Arbitrage Solutions

Posted by Erica Roane on Aug 2, 2017 1:42:37 PM

last_week_today_programmatic_33acrossWhat was the buzz around the office last week? New viewability for cross-media measurement, more self-service in ad tech, and considerations for blockchain technology and ads.txt. 

1. Stricter viewability standards to come  


The MRC is in the process of reviewing it’s viewability standard of 50% of pixels for at least one second. With some major players requiring 100% of pixels to be in view, this could very well be a new  benchmark metric for others to follow. All of this comes as the MRC plans to address cross-media measurement, MediaPost explains more.

2. Could self-service be the future of ad tech?   

Ad tech may be moving more towards a self-service model. Providing control and most importantly transparency, a self-service model could be the likely option for brands who want to control their data as well as build their ad tech knowledge. Digiday details how the challenge for companies to offer a self-service model include complex technology and figuring out a subscription model.

3.  Snapchat vs. Instagram: Who's winning  


Looks like we’re entering the next generation of arbitrage solutions. Blockchain technology and ads.txt have promised to alter and improve the way in which ads are brought and sold. Before buyers and publishers get too excited there are some things to consider. According to AdAge, blockchain technology could create serious latency for publishers and ads.txt requires a ton of compliance.

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