Last Week Today: The Future of Ad Blocking, Marketers Wise Up, and 33Across Growth & Expansion News

Posted by Erica Roane on Jun 19, 2017 6:53:03 PM

last_week_today_33across.pngWhat was the buzz around the office last week? Ad blocking companies may be the new 'Napster,' marketers are working smarter, and expansion moves from us here at 33Across.

1. Is there a 'Napster' of Ad Tech?  


We all remember the days of music-sharing site Napster and how the platform revolutionized the way we receive music and hindered profits from recording companies. The same is happening now within ad tech and Adblock Plus is Napster’s equivalent- preventing sales. There are a few outcomes that can come from the use of ad blockers such as Adblock Plus, AdExchanger lays out a few scenarios.

2. The growth of the programmatic marketer    


While a number of marketers and agencies believe that not much has changed in within the world of digital advertising, this may not be entirely true. For one, marketers have become much more savvy with where their digital dollars actually go. They have also taken serious steps to update contracts and terms with tech partners, MediaPost explains more.

3.  Growth and expansion at 33Across  


Last week we announced some major moves happening on the home front. Thanks to the demand for our publisher monetization platform, 33Across is happy to report a revenue growth of over 100% YOY. We have also expanded our leadership team here in the US as well as abroad. 

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