Last Week Today: Native Advertising Gets a Push, SSPs Face New Challenges, and the Takeover of Audience IDs

Posted by 33Across on May 15, 2017 2:57:17 PM

urban garden.jpgWhat was the buzz around the office last week? Sharethrough and BrightRoll's new integration, SSPs and their need to get things in order, and how the rise of Audience ID usage is among us.

1. Native advertising just got a little bigger  

Native ad platform Sharethrough has integrated with Brightroll DSP, giving their advertisers access to over 4.5 billion impressions each month. This move has made native advertising accessible to programmatic buyers as well as to Brightroll’s advertisers. Some retailers are even experiencing a 21% increase in visits to their brand’s retail location,  The Drum explains how native advertising is key for brands.

2. SSPs may soon be in hot water   

SSPs are feeling pressure from the demand side to clean up their act. Rising fees, header bidding, and complaints from marketers are powering the need for change on the supply side. AdExchanger explains how header bidding has actually made it easier for marketers, furthering the need for SSPs to tighten their processes if they want to stay around.
3.  The future is bright for audience IDs  

In the U.K., Audience IDs will be used in 58% of online ad spend by 2020. Created anonymously, these online identity profiles match the same user across multiple channels and devices. Marketers are taking a special liking to audience IDs as they allow them to track the success of their ads across devices. According to MediaPost, audience IDs are becoming a staple in digital advertising as it can match users to devices with an 89% accuracy.

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