Last Week Today: Ads.txt and Data, Programmatic Quality, and Facebook News

Posted by Erica Roane on Apr 4, 2018 4:36:12 PM


What was the buzz around the office last week? The side effects of Ads.txt, reform in measuring the effectiveness of programmatic advertising, and Facebook focuses more on local news.

1. Ads.txt and pricing models  


By now, more than half of the world’s websites which sell programmatic ads have adopted ads.txt. Launched by the IAB in an effort to combat fraud, the adoption of Ads.txt has increased the confidence that brands have in their ads which in return has marketers thinking of new ways to leverage their data. AdExchanger explains how a pricing model shift could be coming for ad tech which could include the fusion of lower prices, data licensing, and cost-of-media models

2. Advertisers will pay more for programmatic   


A recent study revealed that 90% of marketers are willing to pay more for programmatic advertising if they could be guaranteed better measurement statistics. With a number of advertisers solely relying on clicks to confirm a campaign’s success, reform may be needed. According to The Drum, improvements in agency leadership and focusing on higher quality inventory could have a positive impact on how brands invest in programmatic advertising.

3.  Facebook goes local, globally  


Facebook wants to improve the quality of your interactions. Last week the company expanded its local news prioritization efforts globally. Instead of national news being at the top of a user's feed, local news will be featured. This is all apart of an ongoing initiative by Facebook to improve the newsfeed quality  by providing meaningful interactions. VentureBeat details how the news algorithm will now depend on the pages and the people that users follow.

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