Last Week Today: PMP Quality, New Units from NY Times, and Net Neutrality

Posted by Erica Roane on Nov 30, 2017 6:12:00 PM

pexels-photo-562984.jpegWhat was the buzz around the office last week? Improving the quality of private marketplaces, The New York Times creates custom flex units, and what will happen with net neutrality.  

1. The future of private marketplaces  


Private marketplaces (PMPs) have had a place in programmatic advertising for quite some time. Both advertisers and publishers enjoy PMPs because of their custom benefits and transparency opportunities. As ad tech evolves, PMPs need to evolve as well. Automating the share of information between supply-side platforms and DSPs could improve the quality of PMPs, AdExchanger explains more.

2. When publishers create their own custom units   


New York Times is adding custom ad units to their programmatic business. In an effort to keep their ad business alive, the Times have introduced custom Flex Frame ad units. Since its implementation, programmatic direct revenue has doubled over the previous quarter. Digiday breaks down how selling custom ad units has become increasingly popular with publishers due to the higher CPM rate they’re able to generate.

3.  What will become of net neutrality   


Next month, the Federal Communications Commission will reveal its plan to rollback net neutrality. With the new regulations, Internet providers would no longer be considered a telecommunications service provider. With this chance, broadband firms will not be regulated as much. The Washington Post details how the Federal Trade Commission could soon have the power to regulate online activity and the changes that would produce.

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