Last Week Today: Yield Optimization, Ending Google 'Last Look' and Programmatic's Growth

Posted by Erica Roane on Apr 10, 2017 7:55:00 AM


What's the buzz around the office this week? Google ends its 'last look" feature, generating revenue for video, and being 'nice' to programmatic advertising. 

1. Will Google's new move end header bidding?  


Google has made the decision to forgo its “last look” advantage in real-time auctions. This means that Google will identify the price each exchange will pay, including its own exchange AdX. This may cause concern for the future of header bidding, especially since the solution was originally created as a Google workaround. MediaPost explains how we can relax a bit, header bidding will not end tomorrow however ad tech overall should pay close attention to their bidding strategies.

2. Yield Optimization: The road to video revenue   


Video is undoubtedly the center focus of most publishing and media companies. Now that the industry has a sound grip on the creative and production aspect of video, now is the time to monetize it via yield optimization. The Drum discusses the current state of yield optimization and it’s necessity within the ad tech ecosystem. From a business perspective yield optimization should be at the forefront of all digital video campaigns instead of being an afterthought as it typically is. 

3.  Be nice, programmatic is just a kid  

new york times logo.png

We all need to give programmatic advertising a break. After all, the ability to automatically serve a user an ad based on behavior and context is relatively new within the world of advertising; basically a child. Similar to children we must have patience with programmatic, allow mistakes, and create a safe space for improvement. The New York Times understands this and breaks down the growth of programmatic advertising and how far the technology has come despite recent hiccups. 

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