Last Week Today: Snapchat's IPO, Creative Data, and Video Header Bidding [3/6/17]

Posted by 33Across on Mar 6, 2017 7:44:00 AM


What's the buzz around the office this week? What in store for SnapChat now that it's gone public, creating the perfect campaign with data and creative; and some points to consider when it comes to video header bidding.

1. Oh Snap! Snapchat is worth billions. Now what?  


Last week the tech and investment worlds paused for a moment when Snapchat announced it's initial public offering (IPO). By end of day Friday, the "share and disappear"platform was already worth just under $40 billion! While this is an insane amount of money, Snapchat should focus their attention to their competition. WhatsApp and Instagram both have adapted a portion of Snapchat's signature format and others are following. According to AdExchanger, Snapchat's has a lot of work up their sleeves, including what their intended value will be for marketers.

2. When data and creative come together   

When it comes to executing successful programmatic campaigns, data and creative equally deserve a seat at the table. Prior to the start of a campaign, data allows consumer behaviors and preferences to all be used in shaping both messaging and images. Post launch, the use of data enables us to see how our campaign's creative strategy actually played out. MediaPost descibes the important relationship between data and creative, and how together they are a win-win for both marketers and publishers. 

3.  Header Bidding and Video: Can it work?  


Advertisers having direct access to a publisher's video inventory that's typically reserved for direct deals sounds pretty close to amazing. Not so fast. Before publishers get lost in the sea of revenue they could possibly earn through video header bidding there are a few factors to consider. Quality long-term video inventory is scarce and as always with header bidding there are concerns with latency, Digiday explains more. 

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