Last Week Today [2/13/17]

Posted by Erica Roane on Feb 13, 2017 7:34:00 AM

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What's the buzz around the office this week? The Washington Post releases a new custom ad unit, 'methbot' compromising publisher integrity, and our CEO offering his 2017 predictions for ad tech.

1. The Washington Post now delivers 'post cards'  


The Washington Post just released their 10th ad product called Post Cards. The ad format breaks down a branded content campaign into multimedia parts and delivers an ad unit based on a user's history. For example, someone who is heavily engaged with video will be served a video ad of a campaign. Digiday explains how this new ad format will provide marketers with more opportunities to get their messages out to readers and viewers.   

2. Hidden dangers of 'methbot' to publishers   

When ad tech learned of 'methbot' and the millions of fraudulent dollars it generated the world momentarily stopped. Now, the issue is not only the amount of money lost but also the harm 'methbot' did to publishers. Methbot compromised the integrity of data; a publisher's currency and their metric for scaling with advertisers. With header bidding now moving to the forefront of programmatic, AdExchanger reveals how vulnerable the industry will be towards fraud. 

3.  Publisher power, AMP and more 2017 predictions  


While it's only February, 2017 is already moving at a rapid pace, especially in ad tech. 33Across CEO Eric Wheeler predicts changes we can expect to see this year in our industry and revealed them to MediaPost. For starters, since we're all on a mobile device AMP will be a major monetization opportunity for publishers. We can also expect more advances in publisher technology including tools to help publishers connect more directly with brands and cut out middlemen.

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