Last Week Today [11/21/16]

Posted by Erica Roane on Nov 21, 2016 7:48:00 AM

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What's the buzz around the office this week? Publishers and their need to profit from virtual reality, bad words being used within programmatic advertising, and the chance of publishers no longer being able to monetize on Facebook Live.

1. Can publishers monetize from VR?  


Several major publishers are trying their hands at virtual reality. After investing big bucks in the VR space, publishers now need to monetize from it. With the current audience being small and content costly to create, making VR profitable has proven to be a challenge indeed. Digiday breaks down the inner workings of VR teams such as The Guardian, Financial Times, and more.

2. Ad tech may need to watch its language  


Ad tech may be using some 'bad words.' Experts suggest that with terms such as "targeting" and "messaging" being widely used within programmatic advertising, it is important that we distinguish and categorize each one separately. According to AdExchanger, "targeting" should only used when discussing the buy-side of a deal while the tern "messaging" should be used exclusively when referring to the creative portion.

3.  Attribution: Marketers need to know more  



Multi-touch attribution tools (MTA) which helps marketers determine the value of of each customer interaction leading to a conversion, is not being widely used according to a recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association. Mostly due to a lack of understanding, more marketers are expected to use the tool by 2019. Citing issues such as "walled gardens," MediaPost suggests MTA may need to offer more transparency.

Bonus: 33Across in the news
33Across recently announced the launch of our Desktop In-Feed Video and Desktop Infeed Impact. Check out our press release, our coverage in MediaPost, and sign up for more information here.  

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