Last Week Today: Monetizing Video, Mobile Location Data, and Ad Blocking for Advertisers

Posted by 33Across on Apr 3, 2017 8:34:00 AM


What's the buzz around the office this week? Brands choose themselves over scale and revenue, Facebook now offers header bidding, and how video measurement may need some old school approaches. 

1. Working together to make video profitable  


Publishers are aware of how important video is to their content strategy however monetizing from video is tough. Video traditionally offers higher CPMs than other ad formats however the costs for publishers to serve video is high. AdExchanger explains how in order for video to succeed publishers and vendors must both share the financial responsibilty of making video profitable.  

2. Standards come to mobile location tracking   


Location-based marketing has become a big metric for advertisers. Since brands are investing so much into physically tracking consumer activity, more guidelines are needed for measuring mobile location. Tech companies including Apple, Facebook, and Google have partnered with the Media Rating Council  to create a 45-page guidelne for effectively measuring mobile location data.  According to Advertising Age over 100 firms have already signed off on the guideline. 

3.  Advertisers easing their ad blocking worries  


Instead of detering viewers to not use ad blockers, advertisers should re-think about why consumers use them in the first place. Digital advertisements can be intrusive and slow down web pages. MediaPostsuggests several things advertisers can do in order to create ads that consumers will respond to. Steps including knowing the audience, understand the ad tech ecosystem, and developing original content. 

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