2016 Hackathon displays the spirit of 33Across

Posted by Lisa Mollura on Feb 12, 2016 2:13:16 PM

When you think of a hackathon, you may conjure up an image where teams of engineers work together in the same room to solve complicated coding hacks. This is not how we do things at 33Across.

True to 33Across' spirit, all employees are encouraged to form teams and solve for a company goal. With 76% company participation, many teams had a mix of people from engineering, operations, marketing, sales, publisher development, and product. Spoiler alert: teams with cross-departmental members usually win. 

The hackathon took place over a 1.5 days and closed with a 10 minute pitch from each team. We held a company-wide vote which was endorsed by our esteemed executive team. Each team was judged on innovation, readiness, and alignment to company goals. The projects ranged from speeding up our mobile products to increasing our publishers' revenue to greatly improving sales and operations teams' efficiency. And the winners were:

Team Whole Milk: Adam Kadet, Juliana Lupinacci, Blair Pecka, Josh Poritz Sarah Ruxin, and Arthur Shikhman


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